Amazon’s Alexa: Everyone’s BFF

The Amazon Alexa: The Comprehensive User-Friendly Guide

Amazon’s Alexa: it’s a term you’ve probably heard thrown around in everything from news advertisements to holiday dinner discussions. As one of the first “chatbot” robot inventions, designed to answer our questions and concerns in our living spaces, companies have followed in Amazon’s footsteps, creating their own version of the Alexa and connected speaker bot: The Echo.

Alexa, named after the ancient library of Alexandria, is Amazon’s voice-control system. Amazon has announced they will continue to make updates to Alexa, rolling out new “skills” in the coming years to augment her features and benefits.

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Alexa’s Features

At the time of this blog, Alexa has 15,000 “skills” programmed into her structure.

Corresponding to the Alexa app, downloadable to mobile phones, desktops, and tablets, users can track questions and answers provided by Alexa at any time, storing information and helpful tips retrieved by the bot.

Alexa’s most notable features include:

* Phone calls: Yes, you can tell Alexa to call anyone you want, chatting to the bot while you go on with your daily activities.

* Smart homes: Alexa is compatible with other smart home devices, enabling you to turn lights, televisions, and music boxes on and off.

* News updates: Alexa streams news updates from all major news sites, and will provide you with breaking news information.

* Ideas and tips: If you’re stumped with game ideas or cooking inspiration, ask Alexa: she has some answers.

* Fitness: If you’re an at-home fitness guru, Alexa can stream workouts for you, also reporting FitBit stats and other nutritional information.

#llvvzz #PrincessCandyEmpire #Allegra #AllegraPowell #AllegraAlexandraPowell #DrAllegraAlexandraPowellMD

How to Connect Alexa to Your Devices

If you’re the proud new owner of an Amazon Alexa, get ready for an expedited and streamlined daily routine, asking Alexa everything from the weather to the status of your Amazon deliveries.

When you get an Alexa, a tiny directions booklet will accompany the bot, asking you to first download the Alexa app to the device you wish to pair with her. Next, it will ask you to connect the device to Alexa’s WiFi, which will automatically pop up into your Internet options. Click it, and hold down the Home button on Alexa. Give the pairing a few minutes to kick in. Once it does, a soothing music will start coming out of Alexa, accompanied by a blue glowing ring on the top of the device letting you know she’s all ready to go.

If you want to add an Echo to your Alexa repertoire, follow the same process to sync the Echo with the app. Echo’s can be placed anywhere in your home, acting as Alexa “add-ons” that extend her functionality past her audio range.

The Amazon Alexa

Alexa’s can be purchased for $150 today, compared to the original $300 asking price when they were first released a few years ago. You can find them at any major electronics or department store. It’s worth considering the hands-free, voice-activated support that comes with your own personal helper. Check out the Amazon Alexa today.


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