How Cleaning My Garage Changed My Life: A Marie Kondo Blog

How Cleaning My Garage Changed My Life: A Marie Kondo Blog

When Marie Kondo published The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, her approach to de-cluttering and organization shook the world. Her small guide details her method of tidying, the ways in which she discovered it, and why all other ways of tidying are wrong. She refers to specific cleaning engagements or purges as the KonMari Method.

Kondo promises that “When you’ve finished tidying your home, your life will change dramatically. Your relationships will improve, your ambition will thrive, and your career path will clear.” She even adds that this kind of activity will improve your health not only mentally, but also physically, in the form of clearer skin and rejuvenated energy.

After reading such a profound book – one eons ahead of its time – I felt called to have my own KonMari session. Staring at my garage, which has needed a serious overhaul since before I can remember, I decided to test the practice out and see if Kondo really does know her stuff.

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My Garage Purge

Tackling any kind of massive cleaning project can seem daunting and overwhelming, that’s why so many of us put it off. But I attacked my garage head-on, just as Kondo said to do, aiming to take no prisoners. That’s what I promised myself when I woke up that morning, suited up, grabbed the cleaners, and waded into the garage.

Cleaning out rooms, and in my case the garage, is actually incredibly therapeutic. As Kondo promises, less is more, and the more items you clear out and de-clutter, the happier you’ll actually be. I found the more I cleaned my garage, the happier I became. I felt like I was shedding negative feelings and memories, making way for a cleaner, more organized future.

As the garage became emptier and emptier, I felt more joy flood my heart. I didn’t want to stop. I cleaned and sorted and organized for hours, until a brand new room was looking back at me. It was a euphoric sensation that Kondo details numerous times in her guide.

The secret to the KonMari Method is that you are not deciding what to get rid of, you are only deciding what to keep. Instead of deciding if something is worth throwing out, you only focus on the items that bring you joy and happiness. Everything else must go.

Cleaning my garage changed my life. I’m writing this blog to share my story, and hopefully inspire others to give the KonMari Method a try.


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